Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lemon Peeps Popcorn - Crazy Ingredient Challenge

If it feels like I am phoning this post in, it is because I am. It's been quite a week. The highlight was my hard drive deciding it did not want to live anymore. Woohoo!

This month's ingredients for the Crazy Ingredient Challenge were lemon and Peeps. I've seen Peeps in the supermarket but never tried them. I was actually shocked to learn that they were just marshmallows covered in colored sugar. I thought the entire candy was whatever colour it was on the outside. My bad. I also expected there to be a flavour above and beyond the marshmallow. Wrong on that front too. But you know what I was not wrong about? Lemons plus Peeps plus popcorn. DELICIOUS! Don't tell anyone that I ate all 9 cups of popcorn in one sitting.

Lemony Peeps Popcorn 

9-10 cups of popped popcorn (this was from 6 tablespoons of unpopped popcorn)
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 3oz package of Peeps

Place butter and zest over medium low heat and melt while stirring. Add the Peeps and stir slowly until completely melted. Immediately pour the mixture over the popcorn. Stir carefully with a wooden spoon to coat all the popcorn. Some of the Peeps mixture may pool at the bottom of the bowl so check for that and stir some more. Sprinkle any sugar from the packets over the popcorn.

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  1. Now there's a thought, PEEPS and popcorn. Very creative and I would def. try it.
    Thanks for participating!
    Spatulas On Parade

  2. Oh I bet it was like caramel corn. Yum. :)

  3. This sounds wonderful and I have extra peeps from my recipe to use up... Need to try this.

  4. Never even thought of popcorn! What a creative idea for the ingredients this month!