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Oat Sourdough Waffles - Foodie Extravaganza Party

Welcome to Foodie Extravaganza! 

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September is National Waffle month and along with a bunch of other bloggers we are having a Foodie Extravaganza all about Waffles! You can see all of the delicious recipes at the end of this post. #FoodieExtravaganza

 The last ten days in the kitchen have been a struggle for me. (Were I being more honest, I would say that it has been the last month but the last ten days sucked the most.) My friend's birthday was last Monday and every year I make her a cake. I just could not decide on a cake this year. For several weeks, I dismissed ideas. Finally, time was running out and I whipped up a coconut chocolate cake hoping to top it with a fluffy coconut frosting. Chocolate cake. I have made several. I have made that particular recipe once before but without the coconut. I expected no trouble. Ha! The cake did not rise. I was shocked. I had already told my friend's husband to pick up the cake in a few hours. I cleaned up the kitchen, cancelled the pickup and sulked.

Day 2. New plan. Red velvet cake. Same coconut frosting. I can do this. Baked perfectly. Yes! Back in business. I just need to let it cool. Oh, let me rest it ....suddenly the cake flew out of my hand, slid across the table and landed upside down on the floor. Clean up red cake. No pickup to cancel this time. I knew better. But there was sulking.

Day 3. New plan. Marble cake (red and white). Bake cake. Check after timer goes off. Needs a few more minutes. Reset timer.Leave kitchen. You know what I forgot to do? I forgot to put the cake back into the oven.

There were other mini mishaps-like an egg fiasco. But I don't want to think about it. Let's talk about waffles instead. Specifically, these Oat Sourdough waffles.  They have that lovely sourdough tang, some oats to make them a little more hearty plus some spices. I am not big on pouring syrup on waffles but I did try to add just a little to these. I have no problems eating cake for breakfast (what do you think happened to the cake that didn't rise?) but I just can't seem to pour syrup on my waffles. Typically, I use waffles to make sandwiches. I did that with these after the first lightly syrup-ed one. 

Lots of great waffles below so scroll past the recipe to see them!

Oat Sourdough Waffles


2 cups milk
1 cup mature 166% sourdough starter
1 cup flour
1 cup old fashioned oats
2 tablespoons sugar

2 eggs
1/4 cup oil or melted butter
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
3/4 teaspoon salt

Combine milk, starter, flour, oats and sugar. Combine and let rest overnight at room temperature.
Preheat waffle iron.
 Beat eggs, oil, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and add to overnight sponge. Stir until just combined and let rest for 5 minutes.
Cook according to waffle iron manufacturer's instructions.

Welcome to the Foodie Extravaganza!
We are a group of bloggers who love to blog about food! And each month we all incorporate one main ingredient into a recipe. This month the ingredient is waffles. We hope you all enjoy the delicious ways we made our waffles and be sure to come to see what next month’s new ingredient is. If you would like to join our group and blog along with us, come join our Facebook page Foodie Extravaganza. We would love to have you!
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  1. Oh, I love sourdough. I bet these are lovely.

  2. You have had a bad couple of weeks, haven't you, Kelly?! My word! These waffles look perfect though. Great way to break the bad streak!

    1. I was honestly tempted to stop baking for a month or two. Thanks!

  3. I know what you mean, I go through bouts of not being able to get anything right in the kitchen. These waffles look/sound awesome though!

    1. Thanks! I hope to break the course over the next few days. Lots to do!