Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vanilla Mini Bundts - #BundtBakers

I had two very different Bundt plans for this post. One was inspired by a special childhood memory and the other was a virtual celebration for a friend who has spent the last nine and a half months battling breast cancer. However, I am the most indecisive person and spent much too much time hemming and hawing. Would my batter be thick enough for the special ingredient required for the "memory" Bundt? What would be the pink element in J's Bundt? It needed to be extra special. This summer she had a mastectomy, a devastating setback and went back in for a radical mastectomy that finally left us with good news - benign margins. Mere drops of food colouring just would not do.

Alas, life had other plans for me this month. Things got a little extra topsy turvy and there was just no time to experiment with all the ideas in my head. I decided to keep it simple with these mini vanilla chiffon Bundts. Vanilla barely gets any love from me. But I am glad that I got to take a moment away from all the chaos and bake these little vanilla cakes. They are light, moist and flavourful. This is definitely one of those recipes that I will go back to again and again. A friend's birthday is next week and if life calms down just enough, she'll get her birthday cake on time. Hopefully, I can find a chocolate version of this. She's one of my chocoholic friends who likes nothing but chocolate in her chocolate so this vanilla just will not do. I may sneak in a vanilla chiffon layer though. Don't tell her - she'll just be surprised when she cuts the cake.

All our Bundts this month are a bit dressy and ready for a celebration. Thanks to our host, Terri for choosing this sprinkles theme!

Vanilla Chiffon Mini Bundts
Barely Adapted from: Cook's Country
Yield: 10 one-cup capacity mini Bundts

5 eggs, separated
10.5 oz sugar, divided use
5.35 oz cake flour 
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup oil
1 tablespoon vanilla
 2 cups confectioner's sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 325F. Grease 10 mini Bundt pans or a 10-12 cup capacity Bundt pan. 

Beat the 5 egg whites on medium speed until soft peaks form. Slowly add 2 tablespoons of sugar and beat until the peaks are stiff and glossy. 

Whisk the remaining sugar, flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. In separate bowl, whisk together the 5 yolks, water, oil and vanilla. 

Whisk the egg mixture into the flour mixture until smooth. Whisk a third of the beaten egg whites into the batter then gently fold in the remaining egg whites one scoop at a time.

Scrape into prepared pans. 

Bake for 18 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the mini Bundts comes out clean. Cool completely before removing from the pans. 

Whisk together confectioner's sugar and vanilla then add just enough milk to reach your desired consistency. Pour over cooled cake.
  • Sorry about the mix of weights and volumes. Cook's Country's weights and volumes are always a bit different from what I normally use. For example, they use 5 oz for 1 cup of all purpose flour while I use  4.25 oz.  It's a lot easier to just find the weights they used and use that instead of volume for flour and sugar. 
  • For a chiffon cake baked in an angel food pan, do not grease the pan. 
  • Be gentle! Don't overmix.   


Here are this month's "Sprinkles" Bundts:

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  1. Glad your friend is doing well. I can understand not having time to go through all the ideas for cakes. Your little bundts are so cute and chiffon texture is mighty nice.

    1. Thanks, Renee! I'd always just ignored chiffon cakes. Silly, silly me!

  2. They look like a classic little sprinkled bundt, I just love them!

  3. Your little mini bundts are just adorable and perfect.

  4. I've never had a chiffon cake, so now I will give these a go as they look so pretty.

  5. What a great bundt! And a perfect celebration cake for your friend J.

  6. Glad you made it to our sprinkle party! Sometimes it's nice to let go and enjoy some simple, classic flavors.

  7. I am glad your friend is doing well now. Perfect little Bundt you have it there.

  8. These mini-Bundts look perfectly delicious. I'm glad to hear your friend is doing better!

  9. Your bundts are very pretty...sometimes simple is the best. I will say a prayer for your friend. ...Lovely sprinkle bundts :)


  10. I haven't made chiffon in ages. Tanks for the reminder of how good they are. Pretty little cakes.

  11. "Settling" for the simpler bundt? Been there, done that! And flavorwise, IME, "settling" is rarely that at all. These look delicious! Good luck to your friend.